You were created in God's own image.  You are part of an amazing and fascinating world that God put us all in.  Your life has an eternal purpose in God's huge plan.  You are the object of God's care, as He provides for you, watches over your life, and sustains you.  You receive your days, every moment, every breath, from God's own, caring hands.  Your name, your inner thoughts and feelings, your friends, your plans and activities, and your entire life are all known to God.  You are important to us, because you are important to Him.  You are welcome among us whether you believe in God or not.


Come as you are

Walking through our doors we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. It's our hope that you're comfortable being yourself at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Bring your friends

Bring your friends and family with you! The more guests the better. There's no need to RSVP.  You're always welcome!