Acting Pastor

Rev. Dr. Jerry Headrick

Church & Financial Secretary

Cindy Sylvest

Preschool Director

Cindy Fultz

Music Direction

Mary Fountain
Norma Vaughn Danzey, Pianist


Church Leadership

At Westminster, we believe Jesus is the Senior Pastor of the church.  Additionally, scripture teaches us how His church is to be organized.  What we do and how we get there as a community is determined prayerfully by elected leadership called "elders."  Elders, along with the pastor, lead the congregation on how best to follow Jesus as a community. 

Also elected by the congregation are leaders who participate in the work of the church, recruit people from our community to join in, and advance our presence in our surrounding community ensuring that we are truly serving the people of Mobile.  These leaders are called "deacons."

We believe this model is found in the Old Testament (Exodus 18) and was continued throughout the New Testament as the Apostles planted new churches and set up leadership.        



Glenn Garside 

Adam Hargrove

Brenda Humphreys

Katie Gee
Susie Hargrove
Thom Fultz 




Charles Reed

Martha Reed

Virginia Lollar

Norva Moss

Glynn Teichmann

Pat Johnson